Who We Are

BePro Consultancy is one of Jordan’s leading Human Development and Management Consulting firms. We work with the region’s top organizations to help them make better decisions through leadership consulting, culture shaping and Human Resource outsourcing services.

Started in Dallas, USA, in 1989 as a capacity building business and moved into the Middle East since 2000. We are serving as the premier providers of world-class Human Performance Development, Management Consulting, and HR Outsourcing - advising market leaders on their most critical issues and opportunities: amending behaviors, building strategies, performance enhancement, organizational transformation, HR automation, and training. 

In our 28 years of experience, we have delivered many programs covering diverse businesses and market sectors. Our clients include leading multinational corporations, medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurial start-ups and non-profit organizations across a variety of industries.

We focus on motivating employees by changing their attitudes, which enables them to give the best they can give in both their professional and personal lives. Using superior Sales and Customer Service skills, effective communication, negotiation and relation building skills, we recognize that once employees learn how to change their attitudes - and that of the people around them - there becomes less stress, better communication, more happiness, and productivity at the workplace. Naturally, this has a direct positive impact on sales, customer retention, and employee loyalty.

BePro Consultancy has conducted over 2,000 training sessions with more than 35,000 employees, and for 350+ companies. We have worked with many admired corporations and individuals, both regionally and internationally, and have conducted more than 750,000 hours of training in best-practice sales methods, service, leadership and management.